Selling on Facebook with the Online store

To connect your store to Facebook, you need to meet these requirements:

After confirming these steps, connect your store to Facebook.

Connecting your store to Facebook 

  1. From your store admin, go to the Facebook tab and click Connect.Sell_on_fb2.png
  2. Select the Facebook business page where you wish to sell your products and clickSave.Sell_on_FB1.png
  3. You can only connect your store to one Facebook business page. Multiple store accounts require independent Facebook pages and vice versa – you need a separate store account for each Facebook page.
  4. Accept Facebook Merchant Commerce Terms. Your Facebook page is now connected.Sell_on_FB.png

Syncing and updating products

Once you’ve uploaded your products to your Facebook business page, your Online store catalog will automatically sync every 12 hours to ensure your pricing and inventory relevance.

When you make any changes to product details in your Online store catalog (for example, edit the product’s image, title, or price), those products are automatically updated on your Facebook page after the next synchronization.

If you need to update your products immediately, you can re-sync them manually by clicking Sync Products on the Facebook page from your store admin.

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