Managing spam protection

In your Yola Mail account, you can adjust your level of spam protection as well as designate specific addresses as blocked or safe. You can also create filters to send messages from specific addresses or with specific subject lines to certain folders.

To manage your level of spam protection:

  1. Log in to your Yola Mail account.

  2. Go to Settings > Spam Settings.

  3. Select your preferences from the following options:
    - Subject Tag - This allows you to add a custom spam tag. Any tag you create will be added to the beginning of the subject line of all spam emails.
    - Threshold Level - You can set the aggressiveness level for spam blocking in your mailbox by choosing the level of spam blocking that you want.
    - Choose a spam folder - Choose Spam if you use Webmail. In Webmail, the Spam folder has a Not Spam button which allows you to report false positives. In addition, messages in the Spam folder do not count against your mailbox quota limit and are deleted after 30 days.

  4. You can also set addresses as blocked or safe in your Yola Mail account. To set up address lists:

    - In the Allowed Senders dialog box, enter an email address or domain name from which you always want to accept the email. Domain names must be preceded by *@ (e.g., *
    - In the Block Senders dialog box, enter an email address or domain name to be blocked. Domain names must be preceded by *@ (e.g., *

  5. Click Save.
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