Yola Mail: Viewing email threads in the mailbox

An email thread is an email message that includes a chronological list of all the succeeding replies starting with the original email. The replies are arranged visually near the original message, usually in order from the first reply to the most recent.

You can easily expand message threads in your email Inbox. This would collect messages in a conversation from multiple days and folders, so they are displayed all together. To enable this option:

1. Go to Inbox > Threads:


2. Choose one of the options: Expand All, Expand Unread, or Collapse All


To see all the emails in that conversation, not just a subset, choose Expand All

You can also enable expanding all threads via Settings. Here's how to do this:

1. Go to the Settings icon in the left-hand vertical menu and open Preferences > Mailbox view.

2. In the Expand message threads drop-down menu, choose all threads.


3. Click Save to confirm changes.


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