Can I charge people to join my site?

Here is a way that you could have people pay before gaining access to your website.

  1. Create a one-page site with whatever content you would like displayed, along with a PayPal button, and information on how you will send access to the site once payment is received.
  2. Create your full site, the one that people are paying to get into and password protect it.
  3. Once you receive payment you can send out an email with the URL of the website and the username and password to enter the site.

Here is some more information that will be helpful if you go this route:

We have a tutorial that explains how to add PayPal to your Yola site. Here is the link: Setting up the PayPal e-commerce Widgets.

Yola allows you to create a private website, or make part of your site private, by password protecting certain pages on your site. More information available on this link.

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