How can I create a good looking website?

If you've spent some time surfing the web you'll have noticed that it's easy to make an ugly website. Luckily, it's just a case of learning to avoid those features that guarantee to make a site look amateurish.

This tutorial is intended as a guide to building attractive Yola websites but also takes a look at broader issues surrounding good web design.

It takes you through the paces of conceptualizing a site, structuring its flow, writing the copy, sourcing the photographs and visual material, and finally putting it together with the Yola Sitebuilder.

By now you must have some idea of what it is that you wish to achieve by having a website. Whether it's to raise the online profile of your company, promote and sell your services or products on the web, or just jot down your daily ramblings in a blog, the aim of your site should dictate the manner in which you approach the design and building of it.

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