Why is the site opening so slowly?

Here are a few reasons why your site may be slow to load:

  • Does your page have a large number of pictures or large files? This can cause a page to load slowly. Check the File Manager by clicking Files to see the file size of your images. Web-friendly images should be between 20 and 100 KB. If yours are larger than this, try saving them with a smaller file size using Photoshop's "Save for Web" function.
  •  Check to see if you are having problems with your network or internet service provider.
  •  Try a different browser. For example, will the page load in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer? There may be a widget on your page that a particular browser cannot load.
  • Have you added any custom HTML to your page recently? If so you might accidentally have slipped in some invalid code that is causing your page not to load. No worries. Use the email link below and tell us about it.
  •  Did you copy and paste text from a Word document? The formatting of MS Word text sometimes causes problems. Try pasting the text into a program like Notepad and then paste into a Yola text box. This will strip out any unwanted code.
  •  Does an error dialog pop up or do you see an error message in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen? If so, use the email link below and send us the details of the error.

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