Why can't I upload pictures directly to the Picture widget or Gallery widget?

We recently made changes to the Picture widget to speed up the flow of adding images to your site. What you are now seeing is expected behavior. Dragging the Picture widget will take you directly to the File Manager, where you will see an option to upload new images or select from files you already uploaded.

Please note that this change was made while replacing some outdated code for our Picture widget, and the change was necessary to prevent the widget from becoming obsolete.

We understand that customers who have a large number of files in the main folder of the File Manager might have some trouble adjusting to the new flow.

We would suggest uploading files in folders before adding the Picture widget to your page. This will give you the opportunity to organize your photos better, and instead of uploading one by one, you can select directly from the folder after adding your Picture widget.

If you have a folder of files that you would like to upload to your site, follow these steps:

  1. Create a zip file of the files on your computer (usually done by selecting the related files, right-clicking and selecting Zip or Compress).
  2. In the Sitebuilder, click Files.
  3. Click the New Folder button.
  4. Type in the name of the folder you would like to add ( e.g. "Holiday Pictures", "Pictures 04-21-16", etc.), and click Add New Folder.
  5. Double click the folder to open it.
  6. Upload the zip file to the Folder by clicking Upload Files and selecting the zip file you created.
  7. Once uploaded, right-click on the zip file and choose Unzip.
  8. The file will be unzipped and the individual files loaded into the folder.

Using folders is an effective way to manage all the resources for your website.

By organizing your files into folders, you can avoid having the File Manager become cluttered and confusing. It will also load quicker as you will only be viewing a portion of your files at a time, instead of loading all of them every time you open the File Manager.

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