I want to justify the text

You can use the Text Editing Toolbar to right or left justify your text, but a full justification option is not available. There are a number of reasons why the justify text option is not available. Firstly, reading text on a screen is different from reading on a page, and the human eye needs the rough edges to help keep its place on the screen.

A far bigger concern is that justified text does not display in the same way on the different browsers that your viewers may be using. For example, text that is correctly justified in one browser may be stretched across a row like this in another in order to make it fit. Or words may be repeated on from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.

Please have a look at this article If after reading that you still wish to justify your page, we will be happy to help you find an HTML code that will do that for you. Please get in touch with Customer Support Team and send us your request.


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