In the site stats, what is the difference between visits and visitors and page views?

Visits represent the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to your site. If a user is inactive on your site for 15 minutes or more, any future activity will be attributed to a new session. Users that leave your site and return within 15 minutes will be counted as part of the original session.

The initial session opened by a user during any given date range is considered to be an additional visit and an additional visitor. Any future sessions from the same user during the selected time period are counted as additional visits, but not as additional visitors.

A page view is defined as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by the Analytics tracking code. If a visitor hits reload after reaching the page, this will be counted as an additional page view. If a user navigates to a different page and then returns to the original page, both page views will be recorded as well.

A unique page view, as seen in the Top Content report, aggregates page views that are generated by the same user during the same session. A unique pageview represents the number of sessions during which that page was accessed one or more times.

Note: Analytics is a premium feature available on Yola Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans.

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