Where will my website be advertised?

Yola does not advertise your site for you, but we do have some suggestions on how you can do this yourself. Each site is different so it depends on your site as to where the most appropriate place is to advertise it.

Yola has also put together a great deal of documentation to help you with search engine optimization and advertising your site, here is what we have for you. We have a series of short SEO Tutorials which will bring you through the various aspects of planning, building and promoting your site with SEO in mind. You can also try this one: Verify your site with Google Webmaster and submit a sitemap: Google Webmaster Tutorial

Each time you make a change to your site, you can Tweet the changes to your Twitter account. This is a great way to encourage more traffic to your site. Here is a link: Tweet your new site or your recent changes.

Analyze your site traffic and how your visitors behave while on your site with Google Analytics. Here is a link: Google Analytics Tutorial.

Search engine optimization is something that takes time and effort, and is not a quick process; it's something that you will want to work on before, during and after you publish your website. Take your time going through these resources, we hope you find them helpful.

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