Does Yola put advertising on my website?

Yola does not put any pop-up ads on your site. However, while we can offer you the option to remove the Yola link for a fee, the credit to the designer cannot be removed due to our licensing agreement with them.

Yola's policy is to be absolutely clear and upfront with customers about what they are purchasing, and we give you exactly what we promise. When you elect to remove the footer from your page, we display a screen with a graphic illustrating exactly what will be removed, along with a clearly visible message which states: Please note: The Designer Credit in the footer cannot be removed.

The link in the message opens a tooltip explaining exactly what the designer credit is. It states: About the Designer Credit: The Designer Credit is text that is locked into all basic Yola pages. Per our agreement with the designer, it acknowledges their contribution to the page. (ex: Designed by free CSS templates)"

If this presents a problem to you, you might want to consider using a style that does not have design credit attached to it.

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