How many emails can be sent?

There is a maximum limit of 500 recipients per day for Yola Mail. However, please note that this limit takes effect 14 days after purchasing Yola Mail and lower limits apply until then. There is a limit of 25 recipients for the first 24 hours, and the daily limits are gradually increased thereafter until you reach your maximum of 500 per day after the first 14 days.

This is a policy of OpenSRS, the service we have partnered with in order to bring you Yola Mail. The reason for this restriction is to make sure that there is no abuse of the system with regard to spam mail by internet trolls, and is put in place to ensure the continued deliverability of emails from legitimate customers.

However, if you need to send large volumes of email for marketing purposes, we suggest Constant Contact as an alternative. They will assist you in complying with anti-spam regulations and constructing an email marketing campaign that has the best possible chance of reaching your target audience.

To learn more and start using Constant Contact, take a look at this tutorial: Set up a mailing list with Constant Contact 

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