I have the new reCaptcha but I'm still getting spam

Thank you so much for taking the time to republish your site and ensure that your Form widget has the newest reCaptcha version. This is a crucial part of the bigger picture to combat the spam. However, until all the pieces are in place, the spam will continue to come through. It is our hope to see a significant improvement. 

In the meantime, We know it is frustrating to continue having to put up with the spam. You are welcome to use a different form provider if you'd like or delete the Form widget. We'd completely understand if this is the route you want to take.

There are a lot of form services out there. You could use Wufoo which is currently a widget we provide in our Sitebuilder. It's located under Widgets > Forms.

You can also use an external service. These Google Search Results will give you a wide selection of form services you can use. Once you create your form, you can want to embed the form onto your site using the HTML code they provide.

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