How to display domain URL with www

You can choose to make the www version the primary for your domain. This would then mean that whether your site visitor entered the www or non-www version, the www would be the primary and what displays in the address bar.

To choose which display you'd like to have, please follow these steps:

Option 1: 

2. Open the Sitebuilder for your site where you want the www feature.

2. Click Settings > Publish.

3. Under Include www Prefix, toggle the button to the right. This will show your domain URL with a www.

Option 2

1. Go to your My Yola page, locate the site for which you want to change the display of your domain.

2. Click Domain Settings next to your domain URL for your site.

3. Scroll down to Include www prefix in address?

4. Select which display you wish to have (www or non-www). Click Change Display.

Your domain URL will automatically update with the settings you have selected.

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