How to preview your site with a premium style

You can definitely preview what the style will look like with your content before making any purchases. You can do this with all of the styles! To do this:

1. In your Sitebuilder, click Style > Change Template.

2. Browse through the available styles by mousing over them. When mousing over a style, a hover text will display, indicating its editable features.

3. When you've decided on the style you would like to try, click on it. This will automatically be applied to your site.

If you don't like it, you can click on the Revert Template button to go back to your original style and the previous custom banners and custom backgrounds you had will be re-applied.

Note: If the style you have chosen is a Premium Style, and you are a Yola Free user, the button will prompt you to upgrade to Yola Silver or Yola Gold upon publishing your site. 

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