FAQ: Billing and subscriptions

What does “next billing date” mean?

Yola subscriptions, domains and add-ons are automatically renewed using the payment information you provide when you sign up. Depending on what type of subscription you have purchased, your next billing date can be monthly or annual. 
Your transaction receipt indicates when your next payment will occur. 

Can I change my next billing date?

It is possible to change your auto-renewal date. Submit a request to support here.

What is auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal is a hassle-free and convenient way for us to ensure your account is always up to date, and that you don't lose your Yola hosting subscription functionality. 

By auto-renewing your subscriptions, we can ensure that your customers have uninterrupted access to your site and that you continue to enjoy Yola’s premium features. This also means that you'll never have to worry about your Yola account being downgraded, or losing access to add-ons such as your Online Store. You can focus on building your site and your business!

Losing your domain can have a very detrimental effect on your business. If your domain expires, you may not be able to get it back and your site will no longer be available on the internet. Auto-renewal ensures that your domain renewal is covered and your service is uninterrupted.
Please note that custom domains are renewed 15 days prior to their expiry date. You will be reminded of your domain’s impending auto-renewal via email 30 days prior to the renewal. The reason for this to ensure that if any billing issues arise, they can be resolved in time and your domain registration will not be affected

We're serious about your security online, and we’ve integrated with Verifi payment gateway to ensure that your credit card details are stored in a highly secure Payment Vault that is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard. Read more about it here.

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