Redirecting Yola subdomain to your custom domain

If you've published your site to your own domain and it is redirecting to your Yolasite subdomain, there are a couple of different ways to change it so that the subdomain redirects to your custom domain:

Option 1:

  1. In the Sitebuilder, go to Settings > Publishing.
  2. In Your Domains section, you will see the domains associated with your site.
  3. Click Make Primary next to the domain you wish to be the main domain.

Option 2:

  1. On your My Yola page, locate the site for which you need to update the primary domain.
  2. Click Domains Settings, located under your site's name.
  3. The domains linked to your site will be listed on the page. Click Make primary next to the domain name you would like to have as the main domain.

Your custom domain name will now be the primary and the subdomain will redirect to the custom domain.

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