Transfer your .ca domain to a new domain registrar

There are two options when you want to move your domain away from Yola:

Option 1: You can edit your DNS settings so that your domain points to your new provider. Depending on the host you're moving to, it would either be editing nameservers or creating an A Record. This means that you will still get a renewal reminder from us 11 months after purchase. If you choose this option, please view this tutorial and scroll down to the section "Where to find the Advanced DNS settings for your domain."

Option 2: We can release your domain so that it is transferred to another domain registrar completely. You will receive an email with a code from us that you can give to your new domain registrar. Please note:

  • Your .ca domain will need to have been registered for 65 days before it is eligible for transfer.
  • Domain privacy is a feature of all .ca domains, and there is no need to disable your domain's privacy in order to for it to be transferred.

To unlock and transfer your domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Yola account.
  2. Click Domains and then click Advanced settings next to the domain you wish to edit.
  3. If you would like to transfer your domain to another domain registrar, click Transfer your domain away from Yola.
  4. Uncheck the button next to "Lock this domain" and click Apply changes.

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An email will be sent to you, from our domain registration partner, containing the transfer code you need to give to your new domain registrar in order to complete the transfer. Please remember to check the Spam or Junk folder of your email in the event that it is inadvertently sent there.

Please note it can take between 12-14 days for the domain transfer to complete. 

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