Managing the domain you purchased at Yola

If you have purchased a domain from Yola, you can manage the domain settings in your Yola account to do the following, and more:

  • Transfer a domain purchased from another service to Yola.
  • Set up an email account for your domain by accessing the Advanced Domain Settings. We have a tutorial to help you set up your email addresses using Yola Mail, Google Apps or Windows Live.
  • If you have several different Yola sites, you can move your paid domain name from one site to another.
  • If you have several domains that all point to one website, you can choose which one is the primary URL, which will appear in the web browser.

Please note: Changing your domain settings can result in your site no longer working. Please be sure you understand the consequence of the changes you are making.

This tutorial will help you locate your domain's settings, and understand how to change the domain settings on the domain you bought from Yola. If you would like to know how to buy your domain, you can click on this link for the tutorial: Buying your domain from Yola

Renew your domain

If you have purchased a domain from Yola or transferred your domain to Yola, you will be able to renew your domain by clicking Renew next to the domain you would like to renew. When you purchase a domain, you will opt-in for automatic renewal, which you are able to opt-out of at any time. You have complete control over your auto-renewal status, and can manage it in My Yola, in the respective "Domains" or "Account" pages. For more information, please see Renewing your Yola domain.

Transfer a domain

If you have a domain that you've purchased through another service and would like to transfer it to Yola, then you can click on one of the options under "Add a domain you already own". For a step-by-step tutorial, please see Transferring your domain to Yola.

Where to find the Advanced DNS settings for your domain

  1. Log in to My Yola and click Domains along the top menu bar.
  2. Click Advanced settings next to the domain you want to edit.
  3. You will be taken to a page with a list of options for that domain.

Setting up email addresses

To set up your email address, please click on this link: Creating email addresses with your domain purchased from Yola. 

Name servers

If you would like to change the name servers on your domain's settings, click Set up name servers and then click Change name servers for...  Please note that changing the name servers will prevent your published Yola site from being accessed.

Make the change and click Update name servers. If you need to add more than two entries, click Additional name servers.


Other DNS settings

To access and edit the A Record, MX Record and CNAME, click Change your DNS settings. To add new DNS Records, click Add DNS Record

Please note: If you would like to add an SPF or DKIM TXT record to your domain's DNS to please email and we will do it for you.

A record (Address record)

To add an A record, make sure that A is selected after clicking Add DNS Record.


MX Record (Mail exchanger record)

This defines how your domain's email should be routed.  For a tutorial on setting up your email with Google Apps (Gmail), click here: Creating email addresses with your domain purchased from Yola.

To add an MX Records, make sure that MX is selected after clicking Add DNS Record

CNAME (Canonical Name Record)

To add a CNAME, make sure that CNAME is selected next to "Add DNS Record".


Transferring your domain away from Yola

To make sure your domain is locked or to transfer your domain to a new registrar, click Transfer your domain away from Yola.

Locking your domain name prevents unauthorized transfers of your domain to another registrar or web host.  It will also help you avoid unauthorized third parties who might try to misdirect your name servers or transfer your domain without your permission.

Your domain is locked by default. To ensure that your domain is locked, the box next to "Lock this domain" should be checked. If you would like to transfer your domain to another domain registrar, uncheck this button and an email will be sent to you. The email will contain the transfer code you will need to give to your new domain registrar in order to complete the transfer.

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Frequently asked questions

I want to change to another domain registrar.

Please see the steps above on "Transferring your domain away from Yola". Remember, you can keep Yola as your domain registrar and change your DNS settings to use another service. It's often a lot quicker than transferring your domain. 


I bought a domain but now I want to enable domain privacy, how do I do that?

Good news! If you purchase a domain along with one of our annual hosting packages (Yola BronzeYola Silver or Yola Gold), you get one year of free domain privacy along with some other fantastic features! If you opt for a monthly hosting plan, domain privacy is available as an add-on for $9.95 USD.

Please note: You cannot publish your Yola site to your domain unless you buy a hosting package. 


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