Transferring your domain to a new domain registrar

You can always transfer your Yola-purchased domains to another domain provider, but before you do, we want to ensure you understand the benefits that hosting a domain with Yola provides and the hidden costs that are often associated with domain transfers to other providers.

A domain with Yola includes:

  • Premium DNS (full DNS management from the My Yola dashboard).
  • The ability to purchase email* for your domain (which would be lost on transfer).
  • Premium hosting (which includes 100% uptime and advanced malicious attack protection).
  • Access to an award-winning Sitebuilder and support team.

When you transfer away you will have to pay an upfront transfer cost to the new registrar (at the minimum, this is usually the full annual cost of a domain again). In addition to this, you may also have to pay additional fees for access to premium site building, DNS management, and hosting. 

We believe our hosting packages all offer great features and excellent value. Take a look at the Yola Features Comparison page for more information about them. 

If you are willing to share with us why you would like to transfer your domain away from Yola we would really appreciate it. We value this feedback and use it to improve our service. 

Please also note that we are currently unable to accept transfers to Yola. Should you find that your new domain host does not provide you with the functionality you require, you can point your domain back to Yola but we are unable to assist you with domain management. 

There are two options when you want to move your domain away from Yola:

Option 1: Pointing your domain away (lower-cost alternative)
Should you still wish to use another sitebuilder and hosting provider we recommend pointing your Yola-purchased domain to another provide rather than transferring away. To do this you need to access your domain settings in My Yola and edit your DNS settings. Depending on the host you're moving to, you will either need to edit the nameservers or create an A record (which your new host should provide you with). Your domain will still be hosted with Yola, and you will get a renewal reminder from us when your domain is up for renewal.  

This will allow you to avoid the upfront transfer costs, and to still get the benefit of our premium DNS management services, access to the Sitebuilder and award-winning support with your domain.

If you choose this option, please view this tutorial: DNS for your domain purchased from Yola.

Option 2: Transferring your domain away
We can release your domain so that it is transferred to another domain registrar completely.In order to transfer your domain to a new registrar, please follow these steps:

  1. Your new domain registrar will provide you with an IPS tag that you require in order to transfer the domain.
  2. Email this tag and your domain name to, and ask us to add the tag to your domain in order to transfer your domain.
  3. Once we have added the tag, the transfer process will be initiated.
  4. Your new domain registrar will contact you once the process is complete.
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