What are the benefits of hosting with Yola?

Yola offers free and premium versions of the Sitebuilder and hosting service, and we're proud to offer some fantastic hosting benefits that you won't find elsewhere.

The Yola Free service is designed to let you try our Sitebuilder, and even publish a website to a Yola subdomain. It is an amazing deal, and absolutely free! Yola Bronze and Silver, our premium packages, allow you to publish your site to a custom domain name, and together with premium hosting and features, represent extraordinary value as well.

We pride ourselves on offering everything you need in an easy-to-use package that doesn't require advanced technical knowledge.

Here are some of the significant benefits to hosting your site with Yola:

  • Setting up: We've worked hard to make it easy for you to set up your site.
  • Protection: We protect your data, using a redundant infrastructure.
  • DNS Management: Real control over your domain settings with no hidden costs.
  • Uptime: Reliable 99.7% uptime.
  • Automatic configuration of your domain settings.
  • Powerful site traffic management.
  • Instant updates to your website via our Sitebuilder.
  • Multi-location hosting improves fault-tolerance and load balancing.
  • Backup management.
  • DDoS protection.
  • SSL encryption.
  • Competitive pricing and flexible terms with no hidden fees.
  • Point your records for free (most hosting companies charge up to $10 per year for this).
  • Technical hosting support from our experienced support team.

Yola Bronze is an affordable domain hosting package, that allows you to build up to five sites, upload files of up to 5MB and gives you 2GB storage per site.

Yola Silver gives you the freedom to build up to 25 sites, upload files up to 100MB, and store up to 5GB worth of data per site. Add to this mobile publishing optimization, advanced site analytics, unlimited access to Premium Styles, access to Pixabay's 400,000+ stock images, and more. We’re confident that Yola Silver offers best-of-breed features and value.

Yola Gold is our subscription custom domain hosting package that builds on the benefits of Yola Silver offering unlimited storage as well as the ability to upload files up to 150MB. This package also includes our Traffic Builder, SEO scan, and performance management tool.
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