Where is the old Text Widget?

If you have created a site before February 2014, you will continue to have the old Text widget in your Sitebuilder. If you go to Widgets > Popular, you'll see Text (old). This will be the original Text widget you were using previously.

Yola has been making use of inline text formatting. We have made a decision to move away from this. The Style Designer is the future of site creation with Yola.

We believe that this is the right move as it provides a great deal more flexibility and control while ensuring reliable, professional and attractive results. This is impossible to achieve with the old Text widget which relies on outdated technology, is unable to cope with externally formatted text and is not consistent across all browsers.

We encourage you to try the new Text widget. Initially, the transition may be a bit bumpy as you become used to this new way of styling your text. We strongly feel it is worth the growing pains. With the Style Designer, you are able to control almost every aspect of your text - from having access to over 600 font families, having complete color control, as well as the ability to manage your line height, letter spacing and more!

We would be happy to help you through this process as you learn how to use the new Text widget.

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