Why isn't my website showing up when I type it in search engine field?

If you type your URL address into your browser window, it should take you to your site. However, if you paste it into a search box (eg. Google search box, Yahoo! search box) you will get a message like this:

"Your search did not match any documents."


1. Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

2. Try different keywords.

3. Try more general keywords.

This happens because your site has not been indexed by the search engines yet. This can take anywhere from a few days to three months. Please click here for a tutorial with tips on how to promote your site with the search engines: Promoting your Website.

You and others will be able to get to your site by putting your domain name into the browser window which is towards the top of your screen. Once your site has been indexed by the search engines, people will be able to get to your site using the browser window or the search box, which is located more towards the center of the screen. See this great video by Google on What is a browser.  

For screenshots, see: What is the difference between the address bar and a search box?  

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