Protecting your site so that viewers cannot copy and paste your materials

There is no fool-proof way to protect the text on a website from being copied.  Anything that you put on your website that is your original work is automatically copyrighted. However, that doesn't stop some people from using your materials without your permission. This is something that all webmasters experience.

What you can do is put a copyright notice on your pages (along with the copyright symbol), many people will put this in the footer of the website. Because it is not possible to edit the footer of the website at this time what you can do is put your copyright information into a Text Widget at the bottom of your page. Here is a link that will give you more information about this: Copyright Symbol.

You can enter your own copyright symbol into a text box by using the correct keyboard shortcuts:

  • If you are using a PC use CTRL+ALT+C
  • If you are using a Mac use Option key+g

Another thing you can do is publish your works under a license. Creative commons provides an easy way for you to choose a license for your work. Check out their license generator: Creative Commons.

If you do become aware that someone has copied your original work you have legal recourse against them under the DMCA.  You can send anyone who copies from you a take down notice directly, or you can report them to their web host, who will be obliged to comply with the DMCA, provided your take down notice is valid and you can demonstrate that you are the copyright holder.

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