Using the Gallery widget

The Gallery widget is a great way to quickly add large collections of photos to your Yola site that looks professional and sharp.

With the Gallery widget, you no longer have to drag and drop individual photos and resize them on your site or use a third-party application to create a picture gallery. You create your entire gallery in one widget, filling it with as many pictures as you’d like. With a few clicks of your mouse, an easy-to-navigate thumbnail gallery is saved to your page!

You can use the Gallery widget to:

  • Create a simple, elegant photo gallery quickly.
  • Allow visitors to see your images as easily as possible.
  • Add hover text to your images to identify people, products, or processes (tooltip appear when your visitor’s cursor hovers over the photo).
  • Edit, reorder, add or remove pictures from your gallery, quickly and easily.
  • Choose from four great presentation styles to custom-fit your site’s design. 

Setting up your Gallery:

1. Go to Widgets.

2. On the drop-down menu, select Popular.

3. Drag and drop a Gallery widget onto your page.

User-added image

4. The File Manager will open up, allowing you to either browse through the existing files or upload a new image file by clicking Upload Files. You can also choose to Add Stock Images which gives you access to a Pixabay's gallery of stock images (available on Yola Silver and Yola Gold packages).​

  • To upload multiple pictures into the File Manager at the same time: Hold down "ctrl" (for PC users) or the "cmd" key (for Mac users), while clicking on the pictures you would like to upload. Click on Select in the bottom right corner to upload the images.

5. Once the image file has been added to the File Manager, click on the picture file you want to use and click Select. The picture will be added to your gallery.

  • To add multiple images to your gallery: Hold down the left mouse button and drag over the files you want to add OR hold down the shift key and select the files you want in the gallery. Click Select to add them to the Gallery widget.
User-added image

Editing your Gallery: Hover Text and Styles:

Once your gallery has been set up, you can add more pictures, edit the style and add hover captions.

1. Click Edit in the top left corner of the Gallery widget to customize your gallery.

2. On the right side of the dialogue box, you can add and edit the caption hover text.

User-added image

3. On the left-hand side, you can change the style of your Gallery widget.

User-added image

4. To preview your style before you save the changes, click Preview.

User-added image

5. You can also edit the margins of your Gallery widget, by clicking Edit, under the word "Margin" on the left-hand side of the dialogue box.


User-added image

To preview your gallery on your site, click Preview. In this mode, you can view your gallery and see what your pictures look like when you click on the thumbnails.

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