Using Reservio for online booking

For an easy and powerful online booking widget, Yola recommends using Reservio. Reservio offers 24/7 online booking, client reminders, performance tracking and efficient booking management tools. Reservio is perfect for all types of businesses including:

  • Academy & Fitness Center

  • Lawyer

  • Tourism agency

  • Real estate

  • Bar & Restaurant

  • Cinema

  • Golf Club

  • Consultants

  • Insurance broker

  • Hotel

  • Medical Spa

  • Restaurant

  • Physicians

  • Vets

  • Pet Shops

Advantages of adding Reservio to your site

  • It’s easier and faster for everyone. No need to send thousands of emails or calls. You set the times you’ll be available.

  • As an automated system, you’ll improve the quality of customer service of your business thanks to its immediate response.

  • Reduce the number of no-shows due to automatic email reminders.

How to add a Reservio button to your website

Before you start, register in Reservio and fill in all the information concerning the availability of your business (in terms of time, personnel and dates).

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to insert the button on your site:

  1. Click Promote in the top bar of the admin panel in your Reservio account.

  2. Click Get button.

  3. Configure the booking button in Reservio.

  4. Select a button design and then choose a text to appear on it.

  5. Copy the HTML code provided.

  6. In the Sitebuilder, go to Widgets.

  7. Select Popular from the drop-down menu.

  8. Drag and drop an HTML widget onto your page.

  9. Paste in the code and click Save.

You now have an Appointment Booking button on your site!

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