Creating picture links

You can easily turn pictures into clickable links - another effective way to help people navigate your site.

1. Add the picture to your page, using a Picture widget (located in Widgets and selecting Popular from the drop-down menu).

User-added image

 2. Hover over the Picture widget and click Edit on the top left corner of the widget.
User-added image

4. Click Choose a Link.

4. The Link Editor dialog box will open, add a link to one of the four categories and then click OK.

User-added image

6. To check that your link is working, preview your page and then click on the link.

Hint: If you insert your picture in a Text widget (instead of a Picture widget) you can turn it into a link by selecting the picture and then clicking the "Link" button (looks like a chain link) on the Text Editing Toolbar. From there, follow the same steps as outlined above.

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