Using the File Widget

The File widget makes it easy for you to create a link to a file, so that people can view it on your site or download it.

Here is how to upload a file so that people can view or download it from your site:

1. Click on Widgets. On the drop-down menu, click Media.

2. Drag and drop a File widget onto your page.

User-added image

3. The File Manager will open up allowing you to either browse for a file or upload a new file. Select your file and click Select.

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4. A link to your file will automatically be created.

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To test that it is working, save and preview your page.

To change the file or set the alignment, click Edit on the widget (top left corner). The widget editing dialog box will open up where you can make your edits.

Once you have uploaded your file, visitors will be able to click on your link and download your MS Word file, PDF, PowerPoint presentation, spreadsheet or whatever file you have uploaded.

Hint: To download the file, right click on the link, and then select "Save as" from the pop-up menu (Mac users: ctrl+click).

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