Adding an integrated pay-and-download feature

The Online Store offers advanced functionality, including sales and management of e-goods. Take a look at our tutorial about selling e-goods and get started with your online business. The Online Store is integrated into your Yola account, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. To add it to your site, simply drag and drop the Online Store Widget onto your page and follow the steps provided. 

If this is a new business venture and you'd like to test the market first, you can try For more information take a look at their support page: Payloadz Support.

If you decide to use this service you can easily integrate it into your Yola site by:

  1. Dragging and dropping the HTML widget onto your page.
  2. Pasting the HTML embed code provided by

Here is some more information on how PayLoadz delivers your digital goods to the customer (taken from their FAQ):

  1. A customer browses a web site and finds a product or products that they would like to purchase.
  2. They click the "Buy Now" links generated from the PayLoadz system to add an item to their shopping cart.
  3. Once finished adding items, they click on "Check Out" to purchase their items.
  4. They will be prompted for their PayPal or Google Checkout Username and Password. If they do not have an account, they will be given the opportunity to create one or to check out without creating an account using a credit card or bank account as their funding source.
  5. After they have completed the payment process, the PayPal or Google Checkout server communicates with the PayLoadz server and provides the transaction details to our system. This communication takes place "behind the scenes" neither the customer, nor the merchant, sees this process.
  6. Our system then sends your customer an email which contains custom "thank you" text that you specify during the product creation process, and a link to download their product. They are also redirected to the download page, immediately after payment at PayPal and Google Checkout, that provides them instant access to their purchase.
  7. The link is an encoded link that, when clicked, processes at the PayLoadz web site instantaneously and prompts the customer with a download popup box asking to "Save" or "Open" the file.
  8. The entire process happens in a matter of seconds. You are notified with two emails, one duplicate of the email sent to the customer from PayLoadz, and one for Notification of payment from PayPal or Google Checkout. We send the duplicate download email to you in case there is any problem with the email delivery to the customer. A person can purchase and download your goods in under a minute.
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