Removing a banner

To delete a banner image that has been added to the page so that the original default banner image shows:

1. In your Sitebuilder, go to Style > Designer.

User-added image

2. Under the "Colors" section, click Banner Image.

User-added image

3. A dialog box will open up. 

4. Click Default.

User-added image

Your banner image will then be deleted and your page will revert to the template's default banner.

If you're wanting to remove the banner area altogether, it is possible to do this depending on the template you are using. All the Responsive templates, including Skyline (in the Free folder) have the option to either display or remove your banner area. Here's the steps for this:  

1. In your Sitebuilder, go to Style > Change Template > Responsive or Free (for Skyline).

2. Select your responsive template. For this example, we'll use Verde.

User-added image

3. Then, go to Style Designer.

User-added image

4. Scroll down to the bottom and uncheck "Display Banner". 

User-added image

This will remove the banner area on all your pages.

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