Switching to a responsive design

Understanding Responsive v.s. Non-Responsive Design

As more and more people access the Internet from their mobile devices, websites need to adapt to smaller screen sizes. Yola has always been mobile-friendly; however, we consider our new responsive Templates a better option as they retain the look and feel of the desktop website. 

Responsive design is important not just from a usability perspective, but it is also an important factor for search engine traffic. Google has indicated that the number of search queries from mobile devices far surpass that of desktop or laptop search queries. Google is increasingly factoring mobile support into their algorithm, and as a result, responsive websites will rank higher within Google search results.

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How do I transition to a responsive template?

The transition is easy. If you currently use one of Yola’s non-responsive template (Free or Premium), all you have to do is go within your Sitebuilder, then proceed as follows:

1. Click Style > Change Template

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2. Select Responsive from the drop-down list.


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Scroll through the selections until you find a template that’s right for your website. The choices are customizable and will allow you to personalize your style. 

3. Click on your chosen template to apply it to your site. 

You may now begin editing and designing your website to your desired specifications.

Please note: If you added your own banner or background to the previous template, it will not automatically be added to the new one; you will need to re-add it to your new template (if it is an option with the style you’ve selected). You can locate your uploaded banner or background image in the File Manager (located in the File menu).

If you’re not ready to make the transition to the new template you’ve selected, don’t worry. You can return to your previous template simply by clicking the Revert Template button. 

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Your previously uploaded background and/or banner image will be reapplied.

Please note: If you exit your Sitebuilder and then decide to switch your style back to a previous style, the Revert Template button will no longer work. In this case, you’ll need to browse through the templates to locate and select the one you previously used. Once it’s been applied to your Sitebuilder, all of your previously associated banners and backgrounds will return.

Once you’ve finished designing your Sitebuilder, click Save. You can preview how your site will appear on a mobile device by clicking on the Mobile Preview Button

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If your design appears as you’d like, just click Publish and you’re all set! 

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