I made some changes to my site in the Sitebuilder but they are not showing on my published site. Why?

Did you republish your site after you saved it? Saving your site saves a draft of the site in your account. Republishing your site applies your changes to your live site. This allows you to work on your site and only put it live when you are ready. However, updating the live site is a step people often miss.

To republish your site:

1. Log in to your account and open your site.

2. Edit your site as normal and save your work.

3. When you are done, click Publish and all your latest changes will be immediately added to your live site.

If you're still not seeing the latest changes after you've done this, it could be that your browser is still referencing old site information from a previous session. It does this so that it doesn't have to download all the information again the next time you visit the same site, and can then load the page faster. It stores this information in a "cache".  However, this can present a problem if incorrect information gets cached.  

To clear your browser's cache, please follow the steps here: Clearing cache.

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