Where can I purchase Yola Mail?

If you have signed up through our partnership with Google (GBBO, GCBO), Yola Mail is not an option that is available.

You may want to set up your email with Google Apps.

If you'd rather go use Yola Mail, then we'd need to remove your Google status. By doing this, you will lose the discounted price for your hosting subscription. If you have Yola Bronze, the new renewal price will be £26.95 or $49.95/year instead of £17.95 or $15.95/year. If you have a Yola Silver subscription, the renewal price will now be £70.95 or $119.95 instead of £55 or $90/year.

For more information about Yola Mail, please see: Setting up your email with Yola Mail.

Please contact our Customer Service team if you still wish to use Yola Mail and we can help with this setup.

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