Getting the authorization code to transfer your domain to Yola

In order to transfer your domain to Yola so that we host your domain as well as your site, you will need to submit a transfer request. The full steps to transferring your domain are available in this tutorial: Transferring your domain to Yola. The links below will direct you to help with getting the authorization or EPP code from various popular domain registrars in order to get the process started.

A few notes:

  1. Your domain needs to have been registered for more than 60 days in order for it to be transferred.
  2. You will need to make sure your domain name is unlocked when you request the authorization code.
  3. Make sure you have access to the email address used to register the domain because this is where the authorization code will be sent.
  4. If you have privacy on your domain registration details, remove it as this may cause a problem with the delivery of the authorization code to your email address.



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