Publishing to a free Yola subdomain

To publish your site, click Publish. A dialog box will open up with the different publishing options. Select the one appropriate to your needs.

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To publish your site using a free Yola subdomain name:

  1. Select "Not ready yet? Try a free Yola subdomain" in the publishing dialog box. In this case, your website's address will look like this: "".
  2. Type your chosen domain name in the box provided.
  3. If the domain name you chose is available, click Next.

Your site will be published in a few seconds. You will be able to access your site by typing in your domain name into the address bar. 

Please note:

  1. Valid domain names can only contain letters and numbers. No spaces or special characters.
  2. Domain names are not case-sensitive. Your browser will always convert your whole domain to lowercase, so there is no point to using uppercase letters.
  3. Keep it short! The longer your domain name, the harder it will be to remember and spell, and the less likely people will be to find your site.

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