Why is my site offline?

If you can't see your site online, there are a few reasons why this may have happened.

  1. In January 2014, the domain governing body ICANN, made changes to their data validation policy. They now require that all changes to personal information on registered domains are validated through this process. This is something that is out of Yola's control. For more details, please read the Exhibit A : Registration Agreement.

    As a result, your domain may have been suspended in accordance with the new ICANN policies.  For information on how to address this, please visit Verifying Contact Information for ICANN Validation.

  2. Your Yola Bronze, Yola Silver or Yola Gold hosting package has been expired. This needs to be renewed in your My Yola page. (Please note that if you originally purchased just a domain, your domain hosting (Yola Bronze) was tied to your domain. We have separated the domain and the domain hosting which means both items need to be renewed.)

  3. Your domain has expired. After the domain has expired, you have 40 days to renew your domain. You can do this through your My Yola page.

If you have further questions, please click on the email link below and we'll be happy to assist further.

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