What are REM and PX

PX and REM are a type of measurement used specifically on web-based browsers. Now, you may be asking what is the difference between the two and which one should you be using as you create your website. Here's a brief overview of what each measurement means:

PX is an absolute measurement. This means whatever your screen size, the size of the particular element will not change.

REM is known as a relative measurement. What this means is the size of the element will scale down or up to match the screen size used.

We encourage you to use REM when possible as you build your site with Yola. As more and more of your site visitors are visiting your site from their mobile device, it is critical that your site content is responsive and adapts to smaller screen sizes.  From our side, we are adjusting our styles and widgets to behave responsively. 

However, to complete this process, you need to select the REM values for the various elements in your Style Designer. By doing this, this ensures that your site looks good no matter on all screen sizes.

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