Promoting your Online Store in social media

Once you've set up your Online Store, you can get started with promoting it using social network platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The Online Store easily integrates into the social networks and enables social interactions in a number of ways, including:

  • The ability to add your store into the social network (or networks) of your choice, allowing your customers to make their purchases right there without needing to navigate away from the page they are on. 
  • Allowing your customers to share the links to your products, promoting and recommending your products to their friends and contacts. Users of social networks trust referrals from their friends, increasing your profile as a trusted merchant. 

Not only can you share and promote your store, but you can also measure your social metrics using Google Analytics. 

In this tutorial, we'll cover the following great social networking features: 

  • Facebook "Like", sending and comments
  • Ask for advice
  • Share Purchase
  • Other share buttons
  • Measuring social interactions

"Like", sending links and comments

The Online Store is built to support social sharing, such as Facebook Like buttons and product-link sharing. This means that your customers can "Like" your products from all of your storefronts, or send the product link to their Facebook Timeline.
To enable Facebook Like and Send buttons:
  1. In the Sitebuilder, click Menu > Store.
  2. Go to Settings > Social Tools.
  3. In the Facebook Like Button section, click Enable next to Show Like and Share buttons.
  4. Click Save.
You can add a Facebook comment box for each of your products. To do this:
  1. In the Sitebuilder, click Menu > Store.
  2. Go to Settings > Social Tools. 
  3. In the Facebook Comments section, click Enable
  4. Configure the color scheme, the number of posts displayed and width of the comment box. 
  5. Click Save.


Ask for advice

An important part of social networking is referrals and recommendations. The ability to allow your customers to ask their network for advice before making a purchase not only advertises your store but also attracts new customers to your store. 

  1. In the Sitebuilder, click Menu > Store.
  2. Go to Settings > Social Tools.
  3. In the Ask for Advice section, click Enable
  4. Click Save.

The "Ask your friends for advice" button is added to each product and is located under the "Add to Bag" button. When customers click on the link, a Facebook dialog box with the product information opens. Customers can comment on the product and share it on their Timeline for feedback from their friends. 

Share Purchase

Your customer can share what they've purchased through your Online Store on Twitter, which promotes and recommends your store to their friends and contacts! 
  1. In the Sitebuilder, click Menu > Store
  2. Go to Settings > Social Tools
  3. In the Share Purchase section, click Enable
  4. Click Save.


Other share buttons

Ecwid supports a number of social sharing buttons, including the ones from:

  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • VKontakte
  • Pinterest
To utilize these, please do the following: 

1. In the Sitebuilder, go to Menu > Store.
2. Go to Settings > Social Tools.
3. Click Enable next to the button or option you want to use.
4. Click Save.

Measuring social interactions

Web Tracking 

You can measure your customers' social interactions (such as the number of tweets and likes per customer) on networks such as Google + and Facebook via Google Analytics. This webpage has all the steps and information you'll need to get started. 

Feature Reference

Using Google Analytics, you can also collect metrics on customers' social network behavior, such as how they got to your store, and the social interactions each user has with your individual products. Take a look at the Social Interactions - Feature Reference tutorial for more information.

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