Using email marketing for your business

If you need to send large volumes of email for marketing purposes, we suggest Constant Contact as one viable alternative. They will assist you in complying with anti-spam regulations and constructing an email marketing campaign that has the best possible chance of reaching your target audience.

Constant Contact is an online marketing company serving small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and membership associations. The company offers email marketing, social media marketing, online survey, and event marketing tools. If you are a small business trying to create a name online, Constant Contact can help design an easy, effective email marketing campaign with hundreds of attractive templates. No technical expertise is needed.

To learn more, and start using Constant Contact, take a look at this tutorial: Set up a mailing list with Constant Contact.

IMPORTANT: Yola Mail does not support outbound mass mailing as a standard offering. As standard practice, we limit users from sending mail to large numbers recipients per 24 hour period. This limit is restrictive on the first day of usage and becomes more lenient over time. Users who reach this limit will experience error messages stating "Daily maximum exceeded". Please see Email Mass Mailing for more information.

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