Redirecting a submitted form to a specific URL with Wufoo

If you would like to have a user fill out a form and submit it before they can get to a specific page on your site this is possible. You will need to first set up a form using Wufoo and then set the form to redirect to a specific URL once it is submitted. It's important to note that Wufoo has both paid and free options. To do the form redirect to another URL, you do need to have a paid subscription.

Adding a Wufoo Form:

You will find the Wufoo Form widget by going to Widgets. On the drop-down menu, click Forms in the Sitebuilder. After dragging and dropping the Wufoo Form widget onto your page, click on the link in the dialog box. Then sign up for an account with them if you have not already done so.

Then follow these steps on Wufoo:

  1. Select the form you wish to use.
  2. Click on Save Form.
  3. The form manager will open up.
  4. Click Notifications and enter the email address you'd like the notifications to be sent to.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Save settings.
  7. Click Code.
  8. Copy the code and then and paste it into the Wufoo Form widget dialog box in Yola.

Your Wufoo form will then be embedded on your page and you can begin collecting information from your visitors directly from your website. When someone fills in your form, his or her message will be stored in your Wufoo account and you will receive an email alert to let you know that you have a new message.

Redirecting the form to a URL after submission:

This will be under the Form Settings Tab (with a paid subscription). Here is a link to the Wufoo support page which details the Form Settings.

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