Using capitalization, special characters and spaces in your navigation headings

If you're trying to rename your pages in your Page Manager, the page will automatically revert to lowercase and will put in dashes where you have a space between your text. The reason why this occurs is because this will be the URL name for your page. URLs do not contain capital letters, spaces or special characters.

However, there is a way to rename your pages so that it comes up as you would like on your navigation menu. Here are the steps:

1. Click Navigation.

User-added image

2. The Navigation dialog box will open up with a list of all your pages.

3. Click Edit.

4. You will see two boxes that say "Label" and "Hover Text".

  • "Label" is the name that appears in the navigation menu of your site.
  • "Hover Text" is the text that pops up when someone mouse overs one of the tabs in your navigation.

5. Type in your desired text with the capitalization, special characters and/or spaces in those two boxes.

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5. Click OK and your navigation will be updated with the changes you made.

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