Creating a "Next" link

You can allow people to browse your site by clicking on a "Next" link or button on your page, instead of using the automatically generated menu. The Yola Text and Link editors can be used to create this type of navigation for your site.

These are the steps:

  1. Create the pages for your site.
  2. Click Navigation.
  3. Remove all except your first (main) page from your menu. To do this, click on the green check on the right-hand side of the page name, so that it turns into a red "X".
  4. At the bottom of each of your pages, drag and drop a Text widget onto your page.
  5. Add your link text or image. For example, you could have a link that says "Next". You could also include a "First" and "Last" link, linking to the first and last pages on your list.
  6. Highlight your link text or image and click "Add link" icon (the icon looks like a chain link) on the Text Editing Toolbar.
  7. A dialog box will open up with all the link options. Click Page and you will see a list the pages on your site. Select the one you want to link to.
  8. To test that the link is working, save and preview your page.
  9. Repeat this process for all your pages and your visitors will then be able to browse your pages in order by clicking on your "Next" links, like flipping through the pages of a book.

We have an excellent tutorial which will step you through the process of creating subpages, here is a link: Creating Subpages.

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