Adding a site tagline

A tagline is a descriptive, memorable phrase that helps people to make a connection with your business name or logo. The Sitebuilder has an easy way for you to do this through our Responsive templates or Skyline.

  1. In the Sitebuilder, go to Style > Change Template.
  2. Click Responsive.
  3. Select the template you wish to use.
  4. If you wish to use Skyline, this is located in the Free section.

Once you've selected your template, now you can add your tagline. You can do this by doing the following:

1. Click on your Page Heading.

User-added image

2. In the Page Header Editor dialog box, you will see a section called Site Tagline.

3. Enter your desired tagline and click Save.

User-added image

Now you can customize your Site Tagline by going to Style > Designer.


  1. Under the "Colors" section, click Site Tagline.
  2. You can now select your color or use the HEX value to enter your color code.


  1. Under the "Colors" section, click Site Tagline Background.
  2. You can select your color as well as control the opacity of your color.


  1. Under the "Font" section, click Site Tagline.
  2. The Font Editor dialog box will open up. You will see the following options:
    • Font Family
    • Font Weight
    • Font Size
    • Text Decoration
    • Letter Spacing
    • Line Height
    • Text Transform
    • Text Alignment
  3. Click on the desired option you want to tweak and make your changes.
  4. You'll see the changes reflected on your page.
  5. When you're happy with the changes, click Save.
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