Setting space between the text columns

When you place text inside of columns, you need to set padding (margins) between the columns to stop the text from running together. If you don't do this your page will look messy and your text will be hard to read.

To stop the text in the columns on your page from running together:

1. Click Column Padding on your Columns widget.

User-added image

2. This will open up a screen that allows you to adjust the padding. The Column Padding has a default of setting of 15px.

3. You can adjust the padding individually by entering the value desired into each box in the diamond formation (top, right, bottom, left).

4. You can also have your padding be created equally on all sides by dragging the slider to the right to increase the padding size and to the left to decrease it.

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5. Click OK to return to the Sitebuilder.

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