The Yola Style Guide

We offer a wide range of templates (both free and Premium) to help you build the perfect site. To give you an idea of what's possible with Yola, we have put together a collection of websites built with free and Premium templates. Take a look at the Template Gallery for our recommended styles.

Many of our styles offer customizable banner and background areas. These attributes are listed in the Style menu in the Sitebuilder. Simply go to Style > Change Template and browse through our Responsive, Premium and Free categories. Mouse over the thumbnails to see whether the template you want is customizable.

When you've chosen a template, click on it to apply it to your site to see how your site will look with the new design. If you have any custom banners or background, you will need to re-add these. To revert back to your previous template, simply click on the Revert Template button. The previous banners and/or background will re-added.

We suggest using one of the styles in the Responsive section.  These styles, in conjunction with the Style Designer, will allow you to customize your website making it unique. In addition, these styles are responsive and can adapt to any screen size!

Take your time and look around - we're sure you'll find the perfect style for your needs! You can also take editing your site one step further and edit your site CSS. Click here to read more about that: How to edit your site CSS

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