Using responsive templates for your website

As more and more people access the internet from mobile devices, it is critical that websites are able to adapt to smaller screen sizes.

Not only is this important from a usability perspective but it is also an important factor in terms of search engine traffic.

Google has indicated that the number of search queries from mobile devices far surpass that of desktop/laptop search queries. Google is therefore increasingly factoring mobile support into their algorithm and as a result, responsive websites will rank higher within Google search results.

Recognizing this trend, we have developed a set of beautifully designed responsive templates for you to use. You can access these by going to Style > Change TemplateResponsive. These styles, in conjunction with our Style Designer, allowing you to fully Personalize Your Style.

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Yola Free and Yola Bronze users, you can simply republish your website with any of these Responsive templates and you’re set!

If you’re a Silver or Gold user, you’ll want to take advantage of your premium features of being able to add click-to-call and site location features to your website; making it even easier for mobile visitors to get in contact with you! Here's how to set this up:

1. Click on the mobile preview button. 

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2. Under Mobile Plus, click Business Information.  (If your site is not published, you will see Add Business Info).  Add in your address, phone number and business hours.

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3. Click Save Changes.
4. Republish your site.

Google has created a test allowing website owners to verify that their sites are mobile-friendly. Here's how to check your site:

1. Publish your site with responsive enhancements.
2. Go to the Mobile-Friendly Test page.
3. Enter your webpage URL (ex:
4. Click Analyze.

You'll see the message "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly."

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