Yola Gold FAQ

What is Yola Gold?

Yola Gold is our subscription custom domain hosting package that allows you to upgrade your Yola account and create a truly professional, stand-out website. Here are more details: Yola Gold FAQ

Part of having a successful online business is effective search engine optimization (SEO). Spending time on your SEO improves your site's visibility and rankings in the search engines. Yola Gold includes an exclusive SEO Scan feature to help you improve your SEO without having to be an internet guru. 


What does Yola Gold offer?

We're serious about providing you with the best value for money, and Yola Gold delivers the following features:
  • Traffic Builder SEO scan and performance management tool.
  • Exclusive Mobile Publishing functionality for non-Responsive templates.
  • Facebook Page Publishing. 
  • Unlimited access to our Premium Style library to help your website stand out!
  • Premium support: Includes unlimited priority email support.
  • Detailed site traffic overview available in your My Yola dashboard.
  • Custom CSS editing.
  • Submenus.
  • Immediate access to Pixabay's library of over 400,000 stock images
  • Yola Link Removal - the Yola Link at the bottom of free styles removed from all your sites.
  • Use domains purchased elsewhere and pointed to Yola to publish your site.
  • Create up to 25 sites, get 10GB of storage per site, and upload files of up to 150MB.
  • The ability to upload HTML and Javascript files.

Is a domain name included with Yola Gold?

When you purchase a yearly package upfront, a .com domain name is included in the first year, along with one year of private registration.

Please note:
  • If you want a domain that is not .com, you will need to pay the price difference. 
  • This feature is only available if you go through our Yola Package page or if your site is unpublished, click on Publish in your Sitebuilder and select your domain there. 
Our domains are competitively priced. Take a look at our price list here: Domain pricing. If you are an existing Yola subscriber and have a domain, please note that your domain is renewed separately to your Yola Gold subscription.

How do the SEO services in Yola Gold work?

Yola Gold includes the ability to publish your site to your Facebook Page, as well as publish a mobile-optimized site.  These features improve the visibility of your site on social networks and increase your website's visibility.

In addition to getting you started with your social networking presence, Yola Gold package includes an exclusive SEO product, designed to help you optimize your business website and become more visible online. While Yola already offers fantastic SEO support to help you get started, Traffic Builder offers the following advanced SEO features:
  • Includes an easy-to-use site scan built directly into the Yola Sitebuilder. The scan quickly identifies errors, warnings, and optimizations. The generated report provides targeted advice for improving your site’s search engine ranking. 
  • The site scan also includes a detailed breakdown of your current keyword usage allowing you to identify which keywords you use frequently and which ones are missing from your site. It includes an advice engine that suggests a more effective placement of keywords on your site. Our smart scoring system also warns when keywords are in danger of being overused.
  • A detailed keyword breakdown provides current traffic volume for each of your keywords, letting you know which terms are being searched for frequently and which ones are hardly used. 
  • The Traffic Builder dashboard includes continuous, automatic monitoring of your site's current search engine ranking for specific keywords relevant to your site. Rankings are tracked and displayed for the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your month-to-month progress is tracked to show you how your ranking has changed.

Is the fee for Yola Gold a one-time fee or an annual fee?

Yola Gold is available monthly and annually. Take a look at our Pricing page for more information. 

I want to upload an .html or .js file. Can I do this if I buy Yola Gold?

Yes! These file uploads are restricted to Yola Free and Yola Bronze for security reasons. However, if you become a Yola Gold customer the restriction is lifted and you can upload files with .html, .htm, and .js extensions!
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