Getting a refund

Yola services (Yola hosting package, custom domain, registration privacy, Yola Mail and Online Store) can be canceled at any time. Please note that even though you can make one initial payment, these are separate services that are renewed individually. These services should be canceled separately. 
According to our Terms of Service, we offer the following refunds:
  • The initial purchase of one year hosting package and yearly Online Store subscriptions - 30-day full money-back guarantee. No partial refunds thereafter.
  • Yearly auto-renewals: 5-day grace period during which we can issue a full refund for the charge. We can also refund 11 months of yearly hosting package subscription if the refund request has been submitted within 14 days after the charge. No partial refunds thereafter.
  • The first payment for a monthly hosting package and first payment for monthly Online Store subscriptions: 5-day grace period during which we can issue a full refund for the charge. No partial refunds thereafter.
  • Custom domain, private registration, and Yola Mail mailbox: No refunds as we incur an expense on behalf of our customers.
  • We issue a full refund for the domain transfer payments if the transfer process was interrupted.
If you’d like to get a refund, please contact support and we will assist you. Kindly provide the reason for your refund request along with the email you’ve used to register your Yola account.
This is standard best practice for any business and the reason that we request this is we need this feedback to improve our product and service for others, but most importantly it may be that there is something we can do to help you be successful with your site and get the full value out of your package. At Yola, we don't believe in making it difficult for people to obtain refunds, but we also don't take the easy way out and just issue the refund without making one last attempt to assist.
What you can expect when you email us: We will assess the reason for your request. If it is something we can't help with, we will issue the refund within 48 hours. If we can help, we will offer to do so.
Please do not delete your account in the expectation that it will result in an automated refund. This is not the case and your account should remain active until the refund has been issued so that you can retain access to your information and any domains purchased on the account. Even after you have been refunded, we encourage you to retain a free account with our compliments.


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