Creating a website using a blank template

If you are creating a new site, there is an option for a "blank" template on the Template Gallery page. You need to scroll down the Template Gallery and click Not sure? Start with a blank template.


Once you've named your site and decided if you want to include or not include your contact information, you will now see your blank site.


If you have already created your site and you wish to change your template to a blank one, we suggest first starting with either Super Flat or Skyline. Once you have changed your template, you can follow these steps to remove the elements so that it's a blank canvas.

1. Go to Style > Designer.


2. If you have added a page background, this needs to be removed by going under "Colors" and clicking Page Background.


3. A dialog box will open up.

4. Click Edit > No Image.


5. Then, click Background Color and select None. Repeat for Foreground Color. This will remove all the color and make it white.


6. Now, click Banner Background. You want to repeat Steps 3-5.


7. Finally, click Content Background. Select None.


8. You want to repeat Step 7 for "Navigation Background" and "Footer Background Color".


There are also other templates which provide you with a plain white background as part of their background color options:

  • CleanSlate
  • BareNecessities
  • NoFrills
  • SqueakyClean

These templates can also be found by going to Style > Change Template > Free in your Sitebuilder. Hover over the template thumbnail to see the customization features available.

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