File formats that cannot be uploaded to File Manager

Hello Lawrence

Yola does not allow the following file extensions to be uploaded. This measure is in place for security reasons, as these files can be used maliciously.

.ADE MS Access Project Extension
.ADP FaxWorks Modem Setup File Astound Dynamite File
.ASD MS Advanced Streaming Format Description File
.ASF MS Active Streaming (Media) File
.ASP Application Service Provider
.ASX MS Windows Media Active Stream Redirector File
.BAS BASIC Language Source Basic Module
.BAT Batch Processing (DOS Batch File)
.BIN Binary File (many)
.CGI Common Gateway Interface
.CHM Compiled HTML Help ChemDraw Chemical Structure (old format)
.CMD OS/2, WinNT Command File DOS CP/M Command Filed Base II
.COM Command (Executable file)
.CPL Control Panel Extension Corel Color Palette
.CRT Certificate FileOracle Terminal Settings Info
.DLL Dynamic Link Library
.EML MS Outlook Express Electronic Mail
.EXE Executable File Settlers IV Saved Game
.HLP Windows Help File
.HTA Hypertext Application (run apps from HTML doc)
.HTM Hypertext Markup Language **
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language **
.INF Information or Setup File (many)
.INS Internet Communication SettingAdLib Instrument Music FileWordPerfect File
.ISP X-Internet Sign-up FileInternet Communication Settings
.JS JavaScript Source Code **
.JSE JScript Encoded Script File
.LNK Linker FileWindows Shortcut File
.MDB MS Access DatabaseMS Access Application
.MDE MS Access Database File
.MSC Microsoft Common Console DocumentMS C Makefile
.MSG Program MessageOzWin Message/Mail File
.MSI Windows Installer File
.MSP MS Paint Graphic FileWindows Installer PatchMagix Music Studio File
.MST MinispecificationDATAIR Pension System Master File
.OCX Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension
.PCD Photo-CD Image
.PIF Windows Program Information FileIBM PIF Drawing
.REG Registration Data (various)
.SCR Faxview FaxScreen Saver
.SCT Foxpro ScreenPC Tools Script Tools
.SH Archive File
.SHB Document Shortcut File
.SHS Shell Scrap Object File
.SYS System ConfigurationSystem Device Driver
.URL Internet Location
.VB VBScript File or Any VisualBasic Source
.VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
.VBS VBScript Script File
.VCS = MS Outlook vCalendar File
.WMS = Windows Messaging File
.WMD = Windows Media File
.WMZ = Windows Media File
.WSC Windows Script Component
.WSF Windows Script File

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